My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: The Ring

Dae Woong gave Miho a ring that symbolizes their contract for 100 days. But with a twist of fate they fall in love with each other. Miho also believes that the ring has special power because it cast away other people.

The Naked Kitchen: Mo Rae and Du Re

Shin Min Ah acts as Mo Rae and Ji Hoon acts as Du Re. Mo Rae is going to an art gallery to buy something for her husband and accidentally met Du Re. The Naked Kitchen is a love triangle movie.

Shin Min Ah as Hae Joo

Shin Min Ah as Hae Joo in The Beast and the Beauty Movie. Hae Joo is a girl who has special someone  who always stay and treat her well during her being blind. But when she regained her eyesight, the guys suddenly went abroad. Hae Joo waited for him and struggles while her love one is gone..

Miss Universe