Volcano High

Volcano High was directed by Kim Tae-gyoon (김태균) with the following cast Jang Hyuk (장혁), Shin Min Ah (신민아), Heo Joon Ho (허준호). Volcano High School is marking its 108th. Every student is a martial arts expert, so it is not surprising to see tea leaves moving in the shape of dragons or hallway windows shattering into bits with no one touching them. At Volcano High, the legend of the Secret Manuscript the one who inherits these writings will rule the world has been continuously passed down. From the outside, Volcano High School seems peaceful. But a bitter showdown for the Secret Manuscript is at hand. Among the challengers are the assistant principal who thirsts for the principal's position, Song Hak Rim (Kwon Sang Woo) became the best student in the shortest time in the history of Volcano High, while Jang Ryang (Kim Soo Roh), captain of the weight lifting team, dreams of being the best at Volcano High. One day, Kim Kyung Soo (Jang Hyuk) transfers to Volcano High, after being expelled from eight other schools because he could not manage the gift of his power. Kyung Soo is determined to graduate from Volcano High no matter what happens. At a school where all the students are martial arts experts, inevitably they grasp the potential talent of the new kid.

Sporty Shin Min Ah

Shin Min Ah loving sports! She initially found instant fame as Miss World Cup at the 2002 FIFA World Cup when pictures of her with the Be The Reds! bandanna around her chest and the Korean flag used as a skirt were beamed around the world. 

The Naked Kitchen: Mo Rae and Sang In

Mo Rae and Sang In is a married couple in The Naked Kitchen whom are being twist by fate because of another man.

Miss Universe